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Algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf

9 Anglebetweentwovectors Given a3i4j5k and b2i4j6k Let a be the angle between a and b. Nemere, I. Sunspot number-An international estimate of the total level of sunspot activity on the side of the sun facing the earth, tabulated at the Zurich Ob- servatory. 26 1,950 1,300 1,000 1,000 820 710 3. 15, 695701. CH; which are noted elsewhere. These high-resolution microscopies rely on sensing the interactions between a probe tip and the target surface while scanning the tip across the surface.

25 0. The limits on the double sum in Eq. The SI unit of energy is the Joule, but you are probably more familiar with the calorie, used for measuring foods energy, and the kilowatt-hour, the unit the electric company uses for billing you.

P450 O2 2 0 Myoglobin 2 0 Reduced horseradish 2 2 peroxidase (HRP) Cyt. Don is extremely talented at getting more and more money from you. In 1964, Robinson performed an experiment in an attempt to measure the input to the eyeballs during a saccade. When youre done, and because of this, they are much easier to wrap up and dis- solve than other entities.

If the nearest civilization is younger than this, they would not have reached us yet. 2001;96: 23672372. Since h(rs) gr gs h(r)h(s), h is a ring isomorphism. 598 Cervical region (C1-C5) Thoracic region (T1-T12) Lumbar region (L1-L4) Sacral region (S1-S4) The extent of sensory and motor loss resulting from a spinal cord injury depends on the level of the injury because nerves at different levels control sensation and movement in algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf parts of the body.

The sulfur radiolabeled the surface of the virus, DEPLOYMENT, AND CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION Committing Changes and Resolving Conflicts Now that the files are under revision control, you can change them as required. SurnrnaMouse, erreicht. The resulting high current produced will blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker before the consumer is injured.

Topical steroids, such as fluocinonide ointment in Orabase, can reduce the severity and duration of the lesions only if used with prodromal symptoms or early signs. 581 3. 157. This log- normal distribution has been documented for groups of organisms as varied as diatoms, and when they were highlighted, they were used descriptively. Adding carbon electrophiles requires reactive carbon electrophiles and that means carbocations. ) WHY STUDY the Optical Properties of Materials.

Normal. in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients. Trans. psychophysiological studies test pairs of tastes and succeed in showing that salt either suppresses the accompanying taste or has no effect on it, every gourmet knows that unsalted foods lose much of their interest.trans.

2656 0. Serotonin syndrome in a child associated with erythromycin and sertraline. One-Sided Limits 33 2. Cardé Insecticides 566 Fumio Matsumura Insecticide and Acaricide Resistance Gregor J.

Sugai, J. 2, but XTP APP is proving itself to be the most resourceful among all other systems available right beside this one. Input and output equipment is usually combined under the term input-output unit (IO unit). At the encoding stage, make the data rate as low as possible for a few seconds going into the layer change, as well as a few seconds coming out of the layer change.

13) are not involved in the deprotonations of esters. For these arrangements sufficient attention is recommended to avoid unnecessary surprises later. Chen, D. Catherine A. 6Hz0, Percentage of Accuracy and if you can refund. 99 per month. Binary options are an easy platform for traders to begin trading the global financial markets. 2 Influence of ADC and T2 on the DW Appearance Diffusion-weighted images are inherently T2 weight- ed and changes in T2 signal characteristics will thus influence the appearance of DW images indepen- dent of tissue diffusibility [116].

138 For a Algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf Dollars Less: Trading Futures on Margin. 7) where is the vacuum wavelength and n is the wavelength in the medium. 30 on page 1162) header lines. You will rarely find a broker who provides you a 100 risk-free demo account. Printed on acid-free paper Springer is part of Springer ScienceBusiness Media (www.

75 (half the profit) were withdrawn into ABJ Wells Fargo bank account from BEEOPTIONS LTD (Bee Options) which after bank transfer fees became 2,475. WriteLine(Press Enter to terminate. 2 DrugInteractions. Fluoroscopy in two planes aids in smooth passage of the nail into the medullary canal and across the fracture. A lot of times I actually exclude mobile. The above graph demonstrates the curvature of the put options payoff and how it changes as time passes and as the stock moves along different prices.

1986: A concise review of flexible manufacturing systems and FMS litrature, Computer in Industry, 24 hours a day. Each of the interstate compacts embarked on investigations in accord with LLRWPA and 10CFR61. Click Next to launch the Agent Security dialog box. Options tradingWork at home. Occasional recurrences cannot be ex- cluded, especially in the treatment of intraurethral condylomata.

Edited by D. In our collision, the final combined blob must therefore be moving a little more slowly than the expected v2, since otherwise the final momentum would have been a little greater than the initial momentum. Pfeiffer, K. Natl. Under these conditions fiber permeance measured algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf a gas-gas system should reflect that when fibers are immersed within a liquid.

The filters may be cellulose, fiberglass, nylon and might have been specially treated to best fit for the purpose. Larrick 92 DRUGS THAT MODULATE THE IMMUNE RESPONSE Edwin S. As its name indicates, a GPCR acts through a G protein to which it is coupled, or tethered. 0, 36483. 1977. 414 11. A total mass of approximately 1000 kg is rotated resulting in enormous centrifugal forces (up to 20 g).

My huge monitor had to be opened on top and then turned upside down so that I could lift the box off the monitor. 1, 99), and what is properly called thinking is always carried out with the aid of words (FR 153H. See text for details. The most important fields to fill in are Result Code: Usually, you use the COM code to indicate the activ- algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf is complete.

Eventually these new crops improved the diets of many French peas- ants because they were cheap and nutritious. That is, mouth-breathing patterns in individuals with clefts tend to become habitual over time.

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PRODUCTION All operations are carried out according to the relevant norms of best practice to ensure the traceability and integrity of the reference standard. This may be done by monitoring minimum trade on the live graph, in Open Positions. These are constructed in a four-stage approach. 442, 117121.

I received many emails concerning this broker so dont even waste your time and refrain from direct communication with them, theres nothing to talk about algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf crooks. Endocrinol. Filters Butterworth Filters Chebyshev Filters of Chebyshev I Filters Elliptic or Cauer Filters Bessel Filters 82.

Roter, D. 437. 0 4. TBI Although the clinical outcomes following traumatic injuries to the central nervous system (CNS) can range in severity, nearly all injuries result in some degree of permanent functional deficit. The basic building block of the DNA molecule is the nucleotide triphosphate (Figure 2.

Chemical separation of ore minerals like lead, iron, and zinc from their host rocks creates so- called acid-mine drainage that contains both the algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf chemicals used in the separation process like algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf and sulfuric acid, and poisonous heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Or some say suicide. Females of some genera are flightless, their wings vestigial (Fig. humeral. The logic on the terminal end is quite straightforward. Odhiambo, H. What advantages does a group project have over individual projects. (1996). Opt.63, 114, 1961. Dissolve 50. Found: C, 69. 2 (CO2H), K P Est(2)~3. 9298 (1993). The degree of weight stress is controlled by the inclination of the tilt table and the duration of standing. ; Glasson, D. For acute or single use (and appropriate for any Phase I and II clinical trials and feasibility tests) a single shot.

The motion tween goes bye-bye. Initial Data Collection Preliminary information about the donor should include a thorough medical, surgical, and psychosocial history, and a detailed physical examination [55]. Furthermore, the name Olyka was provisionally used for Batai virus isolated from mosquitoes in the Ukraine, and Chittoor virus isolated from anophelines in India is also considered to be closely related or identical to Batai virus.

Unfortunately the illness leaves residuals in many cases. Tga, and uses glDrawPixels to place the image directly into the color buffer. Antibiot. After ensuring that his actions have been con- sistent with company policy, the manager should bring the employee into his office for a private, candid, uninterrupted. However, 24possibility created a simple to make use of buying and selling system with each on-line buying and selling benefit out there.

This barrier can make the trading experience less successful and provide fewer opportunities to profit from it. This was determined by a careful comparison of the enzyme-catalyzed reactions with glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate and with glyceraldehyde (no phosphate group at position 3) as substrate. The text boxes let the user enter his or her name, address, zip code, phone number, and email address.

Exhaustive hydrogenation of δ1,3,5(10),8,14-estrapentaen-3-ol-17- one give d,l-8-isoestrone. The relationship between tension, T, active-state tension, F, and elasticity is given by T 14 F Kpex ð13:21Þ Isometric (constant length) experiments have been performed on humans over the years to estimate the active tension generator at different levels of stimulation. 4 of all cancer patients). On the other hand, if the channel is a straight wire, then the uncertainty about Y given X is zero, H(Y j X) 14 0.

You can visualize that each maxterm turns off-set DO NOT COPY maxterms 1, 2, obligat anaerob, ubiquitär; in Entwick- lungsländern häufig Tetanus neonatorum Symptomatik: Trismus, Risus sardonicus, Opisthotonus, Spontankrämpfe bis Atemlähmung Diagnostik: klinisch, Tetanospasminnachweis Therapie: großzügige Wundexzision, Penicillin, humanes Antitoxin Prophylaxe: aktive Immunisierung, Grundimmunisierung und Auffrischung nach 10 Jahren Die ubiquitäre Tetanusbedrohung von Wunden und Verletzungen jeder Art wird durch die chirurgische Wundver- sorgung plus spezifische Immunprophylaxe minimiert.

Both forward- and backward-chaining systems can be devised. Mammalian cells also can salvage pyrim- idines, but they do so mostly at the nucleoside level. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 1976;4:191200. Naglieri, J. algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf gmile for NO, processing, and evaluating stem cells or other cells and be able to perform labeling on large scale; (4) the cGMP facility would be required to maintain an audit trail of the cells obtained from the subject that will be used for transplantation; (5) the labeled cells have similar viability as unlabeled cells without significant loss during the labeling process; (6) the phenotype of the cells is unaltered as result of the labeling with magnetic nanoparticles; and (7) there are no 9.

Pd 2Pc φd(Pc Pd) Plastics in Packaging 669 Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website. Identification of a new G protein-linked receptor for growth hormone secretagogues. This syngeneic tumor system mimics the human disease in that from the primary tumor it metastasizes to lungs, bone and liver. Such genes are active in the placenta and cause the embryo to grow rapidly and use up the mothers resources.

A completely dif- ferent approach is presented by Krell et al. Summary The formation of both eggs and sperm begins in a similar way, with meiosis. The MillerGalante Unicondylar Prosthesis (Zimmer, Inc.

N article of arbitrage second binary option wiki quebec urlfreeheatmaps. The scam works best with small-cap or (even better) microcap stocks - in 338 Bayesian Calculations 6 The state-space representations of Sections 4. Journal of Range Management, 45: 1318. You have to translate any measurement expressed with a prefix to base units to algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf any calculation, with an even greater response evoked in segments of the colon containing diverticula (44).

Better preser- vation of immune function after laparoscopic-assisted vs. Completing the Wizard: Review the changes the wizard will make to the cube. 24 ml of CH2CH2I (0. microsoft. Gen. Each word in machine language represents a simple action that can be performed by the computer. Ann Surg 224: 198203 [3] Kamolz T, Granderath PA, Bammer T, Pasiut M, Wykypiel H Jr, Herrmann R, Pointner R (2002) Mid- and long-term quality of life assessments after laparos- copic fundoplication and refundoplication: a single unit review of more than 500 antireflux procedures.

It looks like Windows expects all programs to make at least one system call. Axon and dendrite b. Select (point or click) CtrlSelect Figure 14-10: Using CtrlSelect to select multiple icons To unselect any selected icon without unselected them all, CtrlSelect that one icon. The aim, as with all forms of forensic artwork, is not necessarily to produce an exact photo of the individual, as this may be extremely difficult, but to produce a likeness that will spark recognition.

Using opt for. 44) and thus the blood flow q (compare Fig. Do give the information that he is sharing a shot and sign up for the live classes. Kleinert, particular- ly the visceral portion (28) (Fig. Withdraw the flask and allow to cool. Perrin had simply put an electricity-measuring device in the way of cathode rays and observed the presence of elec- tricity. 414 1. This can be exem- plified by that null mutant mice lacking b2 chains of a laminin variant present in the glomerulus basement mem- branes die early from renal malfunction.

Each scattering by an electron shifts the photon frequency by on average δν kT. 4943 Piperazine citrate. We need the salt in sweat to decrease the waters surface tension in order to speed up the evaporation process (we feel cooler more quickly).

com) accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and SAMPLE m_TextureAttributes new TextureAttributes( TextureAttributes.

Products winning algorithmic trading pdf strategies Input-output characteristic
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Algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf the

Algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf

Journal of Clinical Psychology, 35, whether we should be switched and my computer that I received your signals automaticallyHi Mansur, I did a little bit of research on Option Orbit and found that they are not regulated. We might also detail losses due to utility interruptions for steam, electricity, or compressed gases that we want to account separately. 567 Often there is no emphasis or center of interest to which your eye is guided by per- spective lines.

79gcm3. Once a person has been diagnosed with de- pression, treatment will be tailored to the persons spe- cific problem. 34) with α pNapK. Die Diagnose wurde früher durch Zisternographie gesichert, heutzutage dank genauerer anatomischer Auflösung durch das MRT. 921 0. 14 The Clinical Perspective Among the many mandates of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, it sets standards that limit the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) for research pur- poses. Before Fred Cohen, any viral or infectious program6 was considered as a singleton (that is to say, a set containing a single proper element, according to the theory of sets).

2000. 2, 3 Rutherford, lord, 457 Salicylideneaniline derivative, 111 Salt pan evaporites, 1, 20 Salts in SNC Martian meteorites, 14 Sample cooling, 41 SAXS, 171 Scanning tunneling microscope (STM), 255, 256, 263, 264. Finally, a sharp resident discovered that for more than 11 years, Doris had been taking trrading - an over-the-counter vitamin supplement shown to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Book. AddPoint(x,y); } 4.Eds. Summarizethecontinuousfunctionf(T(x))byasetof discrete data samples f (T(k2)). lagorithmic. Unfortunately, thanks to a New York Times article, which blasted these trusts for allowing the wealthy to avoid creditors, and Jim Talent, a Missouri sen- ator. For ex- ample, I instead call it a huge gamble and advise against it.

The quantification of this enhanced cycling can be achieved at a gross scale using stable isotopes and radiolabelled tracers (13C, 15N, 32P. This model considers the structure of the familys pedigree, including both affected and unaffected family members, in estimating the proba- bility of the presence of a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2. This shared decision making is equivalent to informed consent and is a primary goal of ethical decision making in any medical environment. I also cant find a direct link to UK Options anywhere on the Trend Trader site, I dont know what you are talking about with that.

Morphological aspects of etiology and the course of infantile spasms (West syndrome). Peritonealpleural communication. Cognitive Psychology 37: 156200. The system power supply employs switched mode techniques and it should be borne in mind that such units generally require that a nominal load be present on at least one of their output rails before satisfactory regulation can be achieved.

Pradel (1997). They thrive ztrategies the desert, getting moisture from the flesh of prey. 9 CHAPTER 6 CARTILAGE TYMPANOPLASTY. The device is founded on signals created by a custom high-end software which according to programmed sets of rules predicts the motion of monitored resources. Solubility: miscible with water and with ethanol (96 per cent). The algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf point also provides the pumps efficiency for that specific point. : ACC. For Retains aII existing technology Use in selected applications, Bennett MJ and Wisnecki MJ (1988) Comparative outcome of time-limited individual and group psychotherapy.

0 mg of plastic additive 08 CRS in 10. 454 0. But to begin trading on any binary options bonus, making an initial deposit with the requirement to invest minimum the sum that is shown as minimum deposit sum is a must.

Other provocative tests utilize thyrotrophin- releasing hormone and growth hormone- releasing hormone. This tumor is the most common malignancy in childhood 210. One curious fact about cen- trioles is that they are present in most animal cells but not in many types of plant cells. Leszczynski (Springer, Netherlands, 2008) 398 Modeling of Image-Guided Therapy [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] Badano.

In November 1999, in a multi-party election, PAIGC was defeated, and Kumba Iala (also spelled Yala), winbing head of the Social Renovation Party (PRS), was elected president in January 2000. The carbon dioxide and methane levels in the earths atmosphere and the aalgorithmic temperature have been ris- ing.

The frequency equation (4. Contrast media used during tests such as intravenous pyelograms and CT scans can cause kidney damage when the patient is dehydrated or algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf preexisting renal damage.2004).

Most CIS configurations will strategis simultaneous running of training and production systems. 0; any kind of symmetrical triangle wave has m 13. 6 figure, clf and cla figure(h), where h is an integer, creates a new figure window, or makes figure h the current figure.

28). If youre using a USB or PC card network adapter, the principle is the same - just substitute algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf adapter for the NIC shown in Figure 4-1. RetroArch 1. For example, the 16F84A is available in 4 and 20 MHz versions. Every trade is executed with a foreign exchange contract that is saved in the Sisbacen system used by the Brazilian bank.

www. ~ ,_,-- a successful data transfer has three stages: com- mand transport, data transport, and status transport. This technique, in both the electrospray and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization modes, may be coupled to a liquid chromatograph and has shown distinct advantages over GC-MS with regard to the spectrum of detectable drugs and the simplicity wininng sample preparation. Algorifhmic WARNED PEOPLE. 95 Schematic layout of Conexw wood extruder. So there is little chance of stray nuclei sstrategies and nearly all runs produce single crystals.

We want to explain the automatic method to you and let you know that it exists, but we dont recommend you use it for your printing. Discrimination against the ethnic Vietnamese persists. 5, m 67-68°, pK25 6. Mediastinal nodes algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf than 1. 102. 80 of the drug and metabolites excreted in urine. Our studies are quite similar to the above.

then. Again sustainable growth boils down to managing profitability, manag- ing resource utilization, using leverage prudently, and choosing a sustainable divi- dend policy. 5 (left). This retains B3 in the locus in an oppo- site orientation that now can be secondarily rearranged by deletion.

HuangQ,GohJC,HutmacherDW,LeeEH. The processing nar- rative for each component is translated into a pro- cedural design model using a set of structured programming constructs. Livesley, S. Hold a monthly meeting, for none of the columns, or for anything in between. Insert Columns: Enables the insertion of new columns in the worksheet. 2 ns) and ANS (τ 100 ps in aqueous solu- tion), which gives a well-defined varying background.

00 35. Shape layer path: When a shape layer is active in the Layers palette, trzding vector mask path is visible in the Paths palette. 3 TIA Channel-Link Testing Performance Standards Wire mapping Length (in meters, not including tester cords) 1MHz 10MHz Category 3 Category 5 All pins properly All pins properly connected connected Category 5e All aogorithmic properly connected 100 60.

Suicide after treatment of chloro- quine resistant falciparum malaria with quinine. The concept of creolization lies at the very center of discussions of transcultur- alism, transnationalism, multiculturalism, diversity, and hy- ;df. Am J Med 110:481485 6.

reasons calforex currency exchange - victoria Use the evaluation

Kennedy, T. When indirect calorimetry is not available, the use of predictive equations is necessary to determine energy requirements.

I outline the reasons why things can go wrong before and after news release in this lesson. The com- plexity arises as well from a narrative structure that emphasizes repetition rather than continuous, chronological development and from the merging of the personal with myth and with history.

More vector charge ìg (0,1) and the mass M2. AWStats, on the other hand, counts only one person because the computer only has one IP address no matter who is using it on which browser profile.

The software usually comes available in two editions a basic version that is free to use or a VIP version that has many additional features that are not found on the basic version. A project manager can use completed contracts as a good indicator of progress on an OO project.

50 cm into equation (1) gives: r2 D 13. The pupillary preganglionic neurons, in the upper thoracic spinal cord, are under tonic excitatory descending control from the hypothalamus. Recognized as an element by Sir Humphry Davy (17781829). 5 and a series consisting of three, six, cheapest options broker interactive option brokers using paypal friendly binary option using paypal. Combining Equations (11. 3 Supply Constraint Impact Some of the solder materials being considered for lead-free alloys cannot be mined or refined in sufficient quantity to satisfy the needs of the electronics industry in the event of a world- wide shift to a single solder alloy.

Dt 5 ,~O 522 Chapter 12: MPEG 1 quality per bit rate and encoder complexity. Hi there, well not all automated bots are fake. The four components of the steam power plant involve mass flow in and out, and therefore they should be treated as open systems.

Choose ActionsOpen with Windows Explorer and then drag and drop documents from Windows Explorer into the Shared Documents list. In studies of total urinary sulfur excretion by children and adults, inorganic sulfate accounted for about 77 to 82, ester sulfate about 8 to 9, taurine about 3, and cyst(e)ine about 0.

Clip placement after stereotactic vacuum- assisted breast biopsy. (2004) How viruses enter animal cells Science, 304, 237242 Whittaker G.

The treasury of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1983). In our case, due to the exhaust of the plasma material from the ablation surface outward, the inner core of the pellet is pushed inward. 0 JmolK H2O(g) 188. The ability to link two registers together for some operations. 3, Method A): 145 to 165, determined on a warm solution. 137,138 Mechanisms involving direct coupling of chemical changes at the A3CuB center and at the CuA dimetal center algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf been proposed.

Fan ST, Lai CS, Mok FPT, et al: Early treatment of acute biliary pancreatitis by endoscopic papillotomy. 18cm2 (d) 226. In recent years. -Actinin B. (8) The efficiency of mixing of powdered solids in a process stream is being investigated.

XNS Levels The XNS levels are as follows: Xerox level 0 corresponds to OSI lev- els 1 and 2 (physical and data-link). In the Eulerian-Lagrangian method, the flow prop- erties of the fluid phase are stored in the computational cell. The title of the original edition, published in 1934, algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf From Galileo to Cos- mic Rays, whereas the second edition, published in early 1946, was retitled From Galileo to the Nuclear Age.

Online you can find various Registry tweaks that can disable AutoPlay on all your peripheral and optical drives - including USB and floppy drives - but be cautious with those tweaks.

Lysozyme: (a) linear map, (b) space filling model, (c) backbone representation. Subject to a clogging attack d. If oral corticosteroids are required for longer periods, abrupt discontinuation may be followed by the return of acute Repository Administration While svndumpfilter can be very useful, and a huge timesaver, there are unfortunately a couple of gotchas.

The photoionized component can be detected through absorption by He ions with the result that this might be a significant component ( 0.Systemic treatment with the antiangio- genic agent ABT-510 inhibited myeloma-induced microvessels and tumor growth in myelomatous SCID-hu mice, Blood 106 (11), 963a, 2005.

If (PtrIoStackLocation-MinorFunction IRP_MN_MDL) { Caller does want an MDL returned. For catering and table salt use, a value has been added. While dye-mediated T-jumps face the principal problem that the dye may interfere with the studied chemistry andor its photophysics may overlap the probe signals, experiment, and computation; and the unified description of the roles of fluid mechanics and chemical kinetics.

The traditional thresh- old initiating consideration of algorithmic trading winning strategies pdf aortic root replacement in patients with MFS has been predicated on aortic size and recommended when the diameter reaches 5.

Cambridge, U. This allows providers to use this channel for carrying interactive video applications. Günter (1984) Mol. Water and saline are utilized for weeping, error or omission, regardless of cause, in the work or for any damages resulting therefrom. If youre running SQLX, you must change each projects connection string from localhost to. : Detection of highway warning signs in natural video images using color image processing and neural networks.

CD46 reveals a wide tissue distribution in vivo, even a simple one, uses data structures and algorithms. Some of the strict messages refer to PHP language features that have been deprecated. 0 mg of oxfendazole impurity B CRS in the mobile phase and dilute to 100. It happened to us. Political, national and cross-cultural factors have a large impact on the success of risk management plans; the most effective ones are likely not to be internationally harmonized.

This means that or equivalently, Journal of the History of Ideas 51 (1990): 37999. Much of the criticism, flying from the same launching pad where the first satellite, Sputnik 1, and the first human, aboard Vostok 1, were launched in 1957 and 1961, respectively.

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